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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a community shopping website that offers value added shoppingexperience to customers. It is a technology that will create a community of like-minded Online EntrePrenuers who care about their financial and personal well-being. Retail Network is a connected community of Retailers empowered by to build their own Independent Business online empowers Retailers in three powerful ways:

  1. Gives them a personal shopping website so they can sell anything online.

2. Teaches them how to sell online using E-commerce Academy

3. Gives them a network that pays them while they build their ecommerce empire.

4. Connects them to a community of like-minded Online Entrepreneurs that will help them build their vision faster.

Members can retail product offers that have been published for retail by other members of the community. Each product published for retail has a retail commission. If a member is satisfied with the commission offered, he can simply add the product to his store for retailing. Retail Network (SRN) offers some powerful programmes and initiatives designed to accelerate the financial growth of Members. These programmes include:

Ø• Digital EntrePreneurship

Ø• Supply Maximum

Ø• Dropshipping

Ø• Future Savers

Ø• Sell4Me, I Sell4U

Ø• Digital Currency Trading


A Digital Entrepreneur also known as Digipreneur is someone who makes a living selling products, services, or information online.

He is a 21st century Entrepreneur that:

Ø Sells products on his website (private label, Dropshipping, physical products)

Ø Uses 3rd party marketplace

Ø Sells information (online courses)

Ø Offers a service online (Freelancing, Paid Ads) Digipreneur programme empowers members to become Digital Entrepreneursand independent business owners (IBO). The programme is packed filled with a lot of training, connections, and possibilities:

1. Digital Entrepreneurs can Sell products and services online using their personalised store and specialised store toolkits provided them by

2.Digital Entrepreneurs can Sell for other Digital Entrepreneurs and receive a share of revenues made each time a sale is generated, up to two levels deep. On the other hand, other Digital Entrepreneurs can sell for them when they make an offer.

3. Digital Entrepreneurs can Become store manager/consultant that help businesses and individuals to sell online.

4. Digital Entrepreneurs can Connect with other Digital Entrepreneurs for business, crowd-funding, and other beneficial purposes.

Store Clicking Digital  Entrepreneurship Academy is a combination of internet awareness subjects that empowers Digital Entrepreneurs to operate effectively using simple devices such as Mobile Phones, Personal Computers, and computer Peripherals. 

The course is specially designed for Digital Entrepreneurs, and runs all-year  round both for old and new members.

The subjects are arranged in order of importance:

  • Leadership
  • Online Store Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Virtual Products Merchandise
  • Mini Importation Business
  • Crypto Arbitrage
  • Forex Retailing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Freelancing

Store Clicking Sell4Me programme allows an Digipreneur to announce his products and services to Store Clicking community so other members could sell for him. To do this, he must take the following steps:

  • Publish the product on using his personal store dashboard.
  • Offer % commission to Digipreneurs
  • Inform the Admin that it’s a special offer and the % commission he is offering.
  • Post the product link on Store Clicking social platforms with an announcement to other members.