How To Make Good Money Selling Men’s Italian Quality Shoes

You are confused about a business to start. You have lots of bills to pay and you need to take care of your loved ones. You have seen people selling shoes and making money, but you don’t know where to start from. What can you do? You can Make Good Money Selling Men’s Italian Quality Shoes. And you can do this whether you have money to invest in the business or not.
The Business Idea
Your mission in this business is to sell high quality Italian shoes online or offline.  Men love quality shoes especially from Italy and they are ready to pay for it. Besides, men love brand names like Louis Vuitton shoes, Ferragamo shoes, Anax shoes, Mr Zenith shoes, etc. You won’t lose doing this business.
Are Men’s Italian Shoes High Selling Items?
Let us take one of the least sales on Jumia for this example. Chaka Ventures has been selling Anax shoes for 1 year. And for this duration, he has sold 100 shoes. That means that he has sold 100/12 months = 8 shoes per month.
Chaka Ventures sells one pair of shoes for N30,000. Let’s assume he makes N6,000 profit per pair. Now calculate how much Anax ventures has sold for one month. N6,000 X 8 = N48,000 per month. That’s not bad business at all!
Get It Even Cheaper. 
All the Italian shoes displayed on  are N20,000 each or less. This is N10,000 cheaper than Jumia prices. Yet, we offer these shoes for as low as N16,000. Although Jumia sells cheaper amongst the online stores online, yet you can sell much cheaper. 
Action Plan:

  1. Go to your Multi Income store and add Italian Shoes to your store.
  2. Sell for N17,000 and above, but not the same price or above the prices on Jumia or Konga. Remember you are getting the shoes for N16,000 or less. Whenever someone buys the shoes from your store, we pay you the difference. For instance, if you place the shoes at N19,000, you earn N3,000 per sale. (N19,000-N16,000).
  3. Advertise your shoes using social media and other advertising methods. Make sure you share your store link.

Three Ways To Sell Using Multi Income Stores

  1. Drop Shipping. This is a very easy way of selling using Multi Income Stores. You won’t spend a dime  stocking products. Here is how it works: When someone orders for the shoes from your store, you will receive a message that a customer wants to buy your shoes. However, you don’t have to do anything. We will do the delivery and credit your money into your bank account after the successful sale.
  2. Buying And Reselling. Use this method if you wish to maintain a physical store in addition to your online store. Simply order products on and stock your shop. Then, do your deliveries yourself. 
  3. Buy For Your Customers. Use this method when you need to buy products on behalf of your customers. When you have got a buyer, collect the money from him and order products on 

If you have not gotten your Multi Income stores Account, what are you waiting for? Apply for your online store now and start applying real-time, practical businesses.

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