How To Make Good Money Selling Vocational Courses Online

You have seen so many people teaching vocational courses. You have also seen so many people enrolling for vocational courses. You want to come in between by marketing for vocational training centres, but you don’t know how to do it. How can you Make Good Money Sell Vocational Courses Online?
The Business Idea
Your mission in this business is to sell vocational courses online.  Vocational courses are supplementary courses that even the government of most countries is urging many youths to engage in. They include include fashion schools, hairdressing schools, catering schools, driving schools, etc.
How can you sell vocational courses when you are not a tutor of any of these courses? Simple! You get the courses from vocational schools in the city where you live.
Action Plan:

  1. Visit vocational schools that teach different courses.
  2. Ask each of these schools for their price list.
  3. Propose that you want to sell their courses online on
  4. Ask for discount. For example, if the course is N100,000 tell them to give you for N80,000.
  5. Go to your Multi Income store and add the course for N90,000. Or, apply a percentage on selling prices on all your courses.
  6. Do the same for as many courses as possible
  7. Advertise your courses using social media and other advertising methods. Make sure you tell people that they can get the courses for good discounts on your store.
  8. To woo your customers with more freebies from Multi Income Stores, upgrade your status to Enterprise plan.  For instance, as an Enterprise member we can offer you free blogging courses that relate to the courses you are selling.  Customers who buy your course will also get free online blogging training for free. We also offer up to 50 resealable ebooks.

If you have not gotten your Multi Income store, what are you waiting for? Apply for your online store now and start applying real-time, practical businesses.

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