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Longrich has an advanced and powerful compensation plan which offers greater profitability. Longrich  compensation plan worldwide eliminates the pitfalls, drawbacks and weaknesses of traditional network marketing systems. It will propel you toward Financial Freedom. The beauty is that there is no registration fee, just buy products worth the amount of the level you want to start with, and voila, you become a member of a multinational company offering an amazing home based business.

Longrich Compensation Plan, Bonuses and Incentives

All bonuses are paid in US Dollars but are converted into the local currency for each Country

1.  Bonus # 1: Performance Bonus

Performance Bonus is the highest paying of all four bonuses. Here, your earnings depend on your entry level (between 8-12%).

  • Platinum VIP= 12%
  • Platinum Gold = 12%
  • Gold = 10%
  • Silver = 8%
  • QSilver = 8%

Here is How it works

  • Replicate yourself into three by introducing and registering only 3 people (designated A, B and C) into the business
  • All the activities in each of these 3 legs (A, B and C) are summed up at the end of each week
  • You are paid from the 2 legs with the least PVs while the company takes the highest leg to run the system.

In the event that you accumulated the following PVs on each of the 3 legs weekly

  • Leg A- 3000 PV
  • Leg B- 1000 PV
  • Leg C- 2000 PV

Performance Bonus = PV on 2 smaller legs (2000 and 1000) multiplied by PB percentage i.e. Platinum VIP is 12%.

Performance Bonus for WEEK 1 =  (1000+2000)*12

                     = 3000*12

                     = $360

                     = N72,000 ($360 * N200 exchange rate)

NOTE: All the PVs brought in by each downline at every level accumulates and becomes yours! This is how you grow, you don’t have to buy and sell to get more points to grow!

It is necessary that everyone works to balance his/her 3 legs, spread out PVs evenly on the 3 legs, don’t overload a leg with too many  people to the detriment of other legs. Constantly spread out the people to spread out PVs because people generate PVs. A weak leg you work on can become strong.

2.  Bonus # 2: Development Bonus

Developing Bonus rewards you for developing your team.

  • You may be paid for more than one generation each week depending on the team’s development that week.
  • 10% flat weekly on the two highest PVs per level on the bonus legs
  • At any level, people under A, B or C are summed up as 1 leg and paid 10% of the sum of PVs in the two highest legs every week.

Note that Development Bonus cannot be earned on PVs less than 240PV hence, cannot be earned on Q-Silver registration except the person upgrades.

3.  Bonus # 3: Leadership Bonus

Leadership Bonus is payable to Leaders above 1-Diamond Level

  • 10% – 45% on all your Levels up to the 12th Generation
  • You are paid 10% of your first generation’s performance bonus at any level each week and 5% of your second generation’s. Eg if A earns 50k from performance bonus , you get 5k. If B gets 500K from performance bonus, you get 50k. if C gets 100k, you get 10k. your leadership bonus for that week will be 65k.
  • N/B – A lot of people miss out on this bonus because they fail to make the 30PV monthly repeat/retail order cycle required by Diamond 3 and above. You qualify for this bonus by making a repeat/retail order of items worth at least 30PVs (<N9000) and you don’t even have to pay in cash because Longrich reserves 5% in your back office to cover this expense .Its like preventing your bank account from going dormant.

4.  Bonus # 4: Repeat/Retail Order Bonus

By purchasing a repeat/retail order bonus of 30PV and above within every cycle entitles you to the following bonuses:


Do you know that you earn $1.35 (4.5%) on every repeat/retail orders for 30PV and above done by all your success lines within your 15 levels in your placement tree!

Apart from qualifying your Diamond 3s and above to earn their leadership bonus, the more the number of people in your team that do their 30PV, the greater your 15 levels matrix repeat order bonus.

For example, if only 1000 of your team members  each do only 30pv you will earn

1000 * 1.35= $1350

$1350* N200 =  N270,000


You earn a whooping 21% to 45% on all personal retail orders you do depending on the volume of the  orders and on repeat/retail orders above 30PV done by your team.

We have 2 other different types of repeat/retail order bonuses that you will get to know about during the course of working the business. In conclusion repeat and retail orders are GOLDMINES not known by many, encourage everybody in your team to do their 30PV repeat/retails orders every cycle and watch your earnings increase above your imagination!

For individual or Corporate Business Presentation contact:

  • Eroms +2348057819411.

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