Make Money With Longrich Starter Combo

The Longrich Starter Combo is for those who cannot afford the mainstream entry levels (such as students, youth corp members, or low income earners). The Longrich Starter combo platform gives you the opportunity to partner with Longrich at a lower cost. There is no registration fees. You choose any of the product combinations stated below and pay the stated sum.

COST: N9,800


Option A:

Option B:

PVs: 4


Subsequent upgrade orders using your membership code can gradually increase your PVs to the mainstream entry levels.


There are no rankings and incentives here until you upgrade to the mainstream platform


Earnings are on 3 sponsorship generations.

  • 1st generation: 2,900 naira per person referred;
  • 2nd generation: 700 naira per person referred;
  • 3rd generation: 1,400 naira per person referred.

Please note that you can sponsor as many people as you want in your first generation. For example, if you sponsor 10 people in your first generation, you stand a chance of earning nearly 1.5M by the time your 3rd generation sponsorship is complete!

3rd generation bonuses can only be paid if you upgrade to the silver entry level in the mainstream platform. Otherwise, accrued bonuses are saved in your e-wallets and can be used for repeat purchases but you will be unable to withdraw the cash.
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