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3D Enlarged Screen Mobile Phone Magnifier


This product allows you to watch movies being played on your mobile phone in a magnified mode. The view becomes bigger like the size of a laptop. The product is lightweight and Stylish.

Enjoy high magnification optical technology, without power supply. This is a High-definition optical technology, that is simple, generous, light weight, portable, suitable for use on all occasions – indoor, camping,  traveling, leisure and so on. The product is suitable for all types of mobile phones.

Compact, Lightweight and Stylish. With the magnification screen, you can enjoy watching your movies with 3X Magnification.


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PhoneScreen Magnifier


Acrylic, Wood, 3D lens

Screen size:

12 inches

Product magnification:

2-4 times

Viewing distance:



Suitable for any smartphone


No Battery Needed


Easy to carry, easy to setup, light in weight, small in volume.


Suitable for indoor, camping, tourism, leisure and other places.

Package Include: Magnifier Folding Portable Screen HD Amplifier For Mobile Phone x1

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