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Digipreneur Membership By Storeclicking.com


Partner With Storeclicking.com as a Retailer, and Become an Independent Business Owner.  With this Membership Plan, you now own a part of Storeclicking.com. This means that you can sell everything on this website and earn great commissions. That’s just the beginning!

Pay in Full Pay By Instalments


Storeclicking.com is a community shopping website that offers value added shopping experience to customers, it’s a technology that will create a community of like-minded DigiPrenuers who care about their financial and personal well-being.

The Store Clicking E-commerce Course empowers members to become Digital Entrepreneurs and independent business owners (IBO). The programme is packed filled with a lot of training, connections, and possibilities:

With this Membership Plan, you learn E-commerce while owning a part of Storeclicking.com. This means that you can benefit from the following programmes:

  1. Store Owner Membership
  2. IBO Membership
  3. Student Membership
  4. 24,000 Savings 4 December

1. Sell products and services on Storeclicking.com using a personalized store and specialized store toolkits.

2. Sell for other Suppliers and receive a share of revenues made each time a sale is generated, up to two levels deep.

3. Become an online store manager/consultant that helps businesses and individuals to sell online.

4. Connect with other DigiPreneurs for business, crowd-funding, and other beneficial purposes


OnlinePreneur Training Course

Store Clicking E-commerce Training Course is a combination of internet awareness subjects that empowers OnlinePreneurs to operate effectively using simple devices such as Mobile Phones, Personal Computers, and computer Peripherals.

The course is specially designed for Storeclicking.com OnlinePreneurs, and runs all-year  round both for old and new members.

The subjects are arranged in order of importance:

Training Content

  1. Local Product Sourcing Course.
  2. Mini Importation Course
  3. Production and Processing Course
  4. Digital Products Creation Course.
  5. Business Startup
  6. Business Planning
  7. Business Accounting
  8. Digital Marketing
  9. Leadership Course

This is a practical course that involves grouping, regular calls, messaging, and follow-ups. The purpose of this course is to help DigiPreneurs make money as soon as they sign up as a DigiPreneur on storeclicking.com

Online Store Management Course

This course will reveal to DigiPreneurs how to manage their Retail Store backend, and how to use their personal online store to publish products and services, and to manage orders, customers, coupons, and shipping on storeclicking.com.

Digital Marketing Course

This course will reveal to DigiPreneurs how to sell products and services online using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, as well as social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Linked-in, etc.

Mini Importation Business Course

This course will show DigPreneurs how to import goods directly from China to anywhere in Nigeria.

Virtual Product Merchandise

This course will reveal to DigiPreneurs how to create digital products such as training courses, ebooks, videos, Podcasts, Teleconferencing, etc., using specialised toolkits, software programmes, and applications. The course will also show DigPreneurs how to build virtual courses, and publish physical and virtual courses for sale on skillandcareer.com, after learning how to form partnerships with skill acquisition centres.

Crypto Arbitrage

This course will show OnlinePreneurs how to buy Crypto currencies cheap and sell for profits.

Forex Retailing Course

This course will reveal to OnlinePreneurs how to buy foreign currencies cheap and sell for profit using storeclicking.com platform.

Entrepreneurship Course

This course will reveal to members all that is needed to start and run a business including business registrations, business planning, business accounting, etc.

Freelancing Course

This course will reveal to members how to perform  virtual and physical services for people all over the word, using the internet.


Learn and Earn as an OnlinePreneur

  • Store Clicking E-commerce Course.
  • Your Storeclicking.com Affiliate Dashboard.
  • Your personal store on Storeclicking.com.
  • 20% Bonus on Direct Members Sponsorship.
  • 10% Bonus on Indirect Members Sponsorship (2nd level).
  • 24,000 (12 months)  Storeclicking.com Store Points.
  • Discounted Products and Services, vouchers, gifts, based on performance.
  • Systematic Digitised Crowd Funding (Contribution, Esusu or Akawo) for members business support.
  • Food Combo gift after 5 direct Sponsorship.
  • Health Insurance Scheme for members.
  • Retail Loans.
  • Knowledge sharing amongst OnlinePreneurs.
  • Food sharing scheme amongst members.
  • 50 resalable ebooks with 100% profit for keep.
  • Sell4Me Support amongst OnlinePreneurs
  • Business Networking, Partnerships, Friendships



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