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Integrated Physics and Chemistry


Integrated Physics and Chemistry is the best and the most powerful student textbook that combines the power of physics and chemistry in one volume of 882 pages. Great Handbook and Reference for Teachers and Educators. Straight from the National Geographic Society, USA.

  • Author: National Geographic Society
  • County of Origin: Texas, USA
  • Pages: 882
  • Format: Bound Volume
  • Status: Used

Unit 1

Energy and Motion

  • The nature of science
  • Motion and speed
  • Forces
  • Energy
  • Work and Machines
  • Thermal Energy

Unit 2

Electricity and Energy Resources

  • Electricity
  • Magnetism and its Uses
  • Radioactivity and Nuclear Reactions
  • Energy Sources

Unit 3

Energy on the Move

  • Wave
  • Sound
  • Electromagnetic waves
  • Light
  • Mirrors and Lenses

Unit 4

The Nature of Matter

  • Solids, Liquid, and Gases
  • Classification of Matter
  • Properties of Atoms and the Periodic Tables
  • Chemical Bonds

Unit 5

Diversity of Matter

  • Elements and Their Properties
  • Organic Compounds
  • New Materials Through Chemistry

Unit 6

Interactions of Matter

  • Solutions
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Acids, Basis, and Salts

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National Geographic Society

County of Origin

Texas, USA




Bound Volume



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