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Longrich Brightening and Softening Hand Cream

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Longrich Brightening and Hand cream penetrates the deeper skin level. It repaires dry and dehydrated skin, repairs dark heavy skin, makes skin white, soft, smooth and elastic. It has sanitizing capacity and smoothens the skin

Longrich Brightening Hand Cream contains compound Vitamin A, C, E and natural moisturizing factor which can hydrate, brighten and smoothen your skin. Rich in vitamins needed for the skin. It rich in protein, vitamin A and various types of high moisturizing ingredient, these ingredients will penetrate into the deeper skin level, repairing dryness and dehydrated skin.

1 review for Longrich Brightening and Softening Hand Cream

  1. Beauty Godwin

    This cream is so sweet. I can’t answer for anything better. Longrich always kills it. Longrich rocks.

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Patent leather



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Longrich Bioscience Co. Ltd


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