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Longrich PI Alkaline Energy Anti Oxidant Cup

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Longrich PI Alkaline Energy Anti Oxidant Cup converts water to alkaline. It filters and purifies water. Water from this cup is full of negative ions which can carry more oxygen through the body, helps activate cells and enhance water quality.

The specific negative ions technology of the cup can deliver more active hydrogen for the body and eliminate excess free radicals. It neutralizes excess acid in the body for effective mechanism and Prevents cancerous cells in your body since they cannot live in an alkaline medium.

  • It removes chlorine from water
  • It balances water from acidic to alkaline
  • Flushes away any acidic content in the body
  • It reduces cholesterol in the body
  • Helps remove toxins out of vital organs
  • Contributes to quality eye sight, hair and skin
  • It enhances immunity and prevents diseases
  • Delays aging process
  • It protects the liver
  •  Flushes away any acidic content in the body.
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1 review for Longrich PI Alkaline Energy Anti Oxidant Cup

  1. panelx101

    Very wonderful Product. Its fast moving in the market.

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Health/Medical Equipment


Anti Oxidant Cup

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The Entire Family





Product Source

Longrich Bioscience Co. Ltd

Dosage and Usage

Drink water from the cup regularly.

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