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My House Help Is Gone


My House Help is Gone is an approved textbook by The Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC), and Nigeria Ministry of Education for secondary schools.

My House Help is Gone is in itself an institution for the study of the career service by people who render such service as house helps and those who need or benefit from such services. The “House Help” occupation should be seen as a worthwhile occupation that should be captured as an educational document as envisaged by the author of the book.

This drama textbook has recalled some past global mistakes and has brought them forward for corrections. This book has also recycled good ideas, re-appropriating the present global faults into educational enlightenment mostly on human relationship that inculcates and gears the people towards the passage of a standard living devoid of social evil done to one another.

This drama textbook teaches the past and present events and it will continue to extend literature in English to the next generations to come, aimed at advocating the best for human relationship and unifying all families, religion and ethnic group as well as creating employment opportunities for the youths and providing entrepreneurship ideas for the people.


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