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Rechargeable LED Emergency Energy Saving Light Bulb 7W


Light up your home even without power. This LED Energy Saving Light Bulb is intelligently designed to save energywhile there is  power and then lights up when power is gone. No more darkness. It last for many hours after charging.

Rechargeable LED Emergency Energy Saving Light Bulb 7W is aesthetically and intelligently designed to significantly reduce energy consumption by up to 80% and deliver long life performance; matching an incredible maintenance free 50000 hours of use. It gives out a huge wide beam angle of light, and is designed to give the widest beam angle of any SMD bulb on the market.

With a Size of 66*116mm it is Perfect for indoor lighting, such as home, bedroom, living room, hallway, hotel, kitchen, studio, restaurant, hotel, library, KTV, meeting room, show room, shop window and many other application lighting and so on. Drop Proof from up to 15 meters.

It is made of plastic shell Working temperature: -20 Centigrade to 60 Centigrade Lifespan. It provides above 50000 hours7W. This LED bulb features High Power SMD LEDs (highest quality chip) with a frosted cover which produces a great light output.



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Voltage / Surge may damage

  • Rechargeable Emergency LED Light Bulb
  • Support Up to 4 Hours Emergency Working Time
  • Plug and Play, More Convenient Using
  • Automatic Charging
  • Emergency Switch After Electronic Power Off
  • Lighting for Up to 4 Hours
  • Safe Material, PC Fire-retardant Material
  • For Shopping Malls, Hotels, Hostels, Fire, Home, Channel, Outdoor Emergency Lighting
  • Comes on with electricity power or without electricity power operated through same on and off switch.
  • With sharp  brightness
  • 50,000 life span ( 5yrs 6 months)

Watts: 7W

Duration: 4hrs

Battery: Li-on

Color: White


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