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Internet Real Estate business

The Business Idea

Internet Real Estate business is an electronic version of the real estate industry. in the real world, property agents would drive around town seeking for properties either for sale or for rent. They would then keep a list of the properties they have found in a book or a diary. Whenever they found a buyer, they would drive the buyer to the physical location of the property. If the buyer buys or rents the property, they get a commission both from the buyer and the seller. All of that is hard work!

How It Works

Internet real estate allows property owners to list their properties for sale or for rent on a special website specifically built for that purpose. The website is built in such a way that consumers seeking to buy or rent a property simply search the website until they have found their choice of property.
Once a potential buyer contacts the seller, they would go through the details of the property – sizing, amenities, condition, and pricing, if not stated. After which, an appointment for the viewing of the property would usually be scheduled and in some cases, potential buyers may request for a refurnish of certain amenities or parts of the property. If terms and conditions are met between both parties, the buyer would usually negotiate for the best offer if interested and a deposit may be requested by the owner. Finally, both parties will agree on a date for full payment, signing on official payment, and the handover of keys to the property.

Why Choose Internet Real Estate Business?

Internet real estate surfaced around 1999 when technology advanced and statistics prove that more than 1 million homes were sold by the owners themselves in just America, in 2000.
According to Realtor, 90% of home buyers searched online during the process of seeking for a property and the percentage of consumers searching for information relating to real estate on Google has increased by 253% over the last 4 years. With an increase of 5.5% from just 0% of people using the internet to carry our house sales within the last decade in UK, figures show that there will be a huge increase to percentage of 50 by 2018. Figures will hit 70% by 2020, with only a third of the UK population seeking help through traditional methods of real estate agents.
Due to distance, personal commitments and time constraints, many turn to the web to carry out their daily activities – online shopping, booking of tickets and even for communication between parties. Using the web to put out properties for sale and purchasing properties is no exception. The age of technology has aided in reducing time and money within internet real estate. Users may list their properties or search for them at their fingertips, reaching out to a greater number of people significantly, as compared to traditional methods. In contrast, the traditional methods of contacting and meeting up with a real estate agent cost more money (agent and transportation fees) and time.

How Do You Make Money?

  1. You make money selling or renting properties yourself.
  2. Once your website starts gaining enough traffic, you can start allowing front end property submissions. People would want to post their properties on a popular website where their listings will get the deserved attention. And when people want to advertise their property on your website, you can charge the revenue to do so.
  3. You can also make money bu placing adverts on your websites such as from Google Adsense.

GET The Perfect Design.

Content is undoubtedly the king, but design too is important. We will design for you an eye catching Real Estate Website that will help you gain more visitors and persuade them to stay and explore the options.
While we provide some decorative design for your website, we ensure that your website is not over-adorned. It is important that the design elements does not over shadow the actual content of your website.
Again, we ensure that the design of your website complements the content and the central idea of your website. We create your website with WordPress CMS- Content Management System.

Front End Listing Submission

Front end listing submission on a real estate website is not a compulsory feature, but it is one of the most popular as well as beneficial. It enables your front end visitors to post their property listings improves the usability of your website for them. Besides this is one of the features of a real estate website through which you can make money.

Another great advantage of using the front end listing submission is that it increases the amount of useful content on your website. Moreover, with more properties, there’s a greater chance for the visitors to find the result they’ve been looking for.

With front end submission enabled, your website becomes useful for the ones who are looking for a platform to advertise their listings too. And then, your audience is not just the one’s who want to search for property, but also the one’s who want to promote their listings and looking for a platform to do so.

Proper Images For Each Real Estate Listing

Images speak louder than words. They’re pleasant to eyes, and easy to understand. We add relevant, optimized and high quality images to your website.

Obviously, associated with every property listing, there’s going to be an image of that property. However, you can use multiple images for the same property. How nice it is to show the picture of the property from different dimensions. It helps make your listing more interesting and beautiful.

An Easy To Search Website

All your visitors will come to your website for one clear intent. To search the properties on your website. But when yours is a massive real estate directory website with thousands of different listings on it, finding the relevant property for a user becomes difficult.

The ultimate intention of your website is met when the visitors find what they want. And so we add a system that is easy to  search through. An online property portal capable of providing quick, filtered and relevant results based on the user’s search query.

The ultimate goal of your website should be that the visitors find relevant results effortlessly. No one likes to waste their time on a website, especially when there are tons of other websites providing you the same service efficiently. So we ensure your website is quick to respond to the user request and efficient to find out the type of results to show to the visitors based on their searches.

Flawless Navigation

Navigation includes all the links dispersed over the web-page, CTAs as well as the menu.  For any kind of website, a proper navigation is important. The navigation system of your website should ensure that the visitors are smoothly redirected to the pages of their interest, without having to click different links.

An efficient navigation system includes a beautiful and interactive menu. We make sure that the menus are very well-organized with the links classified as the main menu titles and the sub-menus. The main menu titles are carefully picked because they ought to reflect what kind of sub-menus are under them.

Contact The Listing Owner

A real estate listings directory is all about the properties. The visitors coming to your website will be the people on property hunt. So when they find any property that they are interested in, there should be a way for them to communicate with the owner. For this purpose, we add a contact the listing owner form on the listing page.

This form is placed in the sidebar region or near the footer, below the listing description. So any person who wants to get in touch with the owner of a property can immediately key in their message and send an inquiry message to the listing owner.

Listing Locations Based On Maps

Most of the real estate directories on the internet are now map based. Maps make it easy for the users to identify the location. Also a map will help them find all the properties of a certain area at once.

There are maps that can help the visitors with navigation and directions. Maps are useful and they make your website look prettier too. Moreover, maps are a convenient way to display address on a website. So using maps for your real estate directory is always a good idea.

Detailed listing

The listings on a real estate website are the main pages through which the visitors can know the details about a property they are interested in. Also, a property owner wishing to sell his property would like to provide more and more detail about it when advertising it.

So we ensure that the design for your real estate website  displays a very detailed listing.

Includes Mobile App View

You wouldn’t want to miss out on visits from mobiles with a difficult to navigate site, would you? – well, we’ve got you covered. Our website design is responsive and additionally supports a mobile app view which you can activate by a press of a button.

This gives your users a simplified view on mobile devices and it makes browsing super-fast and simple.

What We Can Do For You

  1. We will design your Real Estate Website
  2. We will train you or someone you appoint how to operate it, OR
  3. We can manage the website for you

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